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60 years of

About Us

A handshake  between Everett J. Crowell  and Rodney D. Evans in 1987, sealed the deal which began the partnership of J & D Maintenance and Services of North East Florida.


The first 10 years of operation, the company went through the pains of growing and learning the business; followed by 13 years of formal business experience with a deep focus on quality customer service. In a world where the majority of businesses fail in the first 3 years, J & D Maintenance and Services has prospered for over 20 years under the original owners.

Our History

J & D began providing services through the City of Jacksonville by picking up nuisance abatement tickets, contacting homeowners, and negotiating a price to clean their property. Although the first check was returned, Everett and Rodney were not discouraged and continued to receive and complete numerous small jobs throughout the Jacksonville Community. This process was a guide toward the expansion of their vision in broadening their scope of services, thus, leading them into bidding on Navy Base jobs. J & D were awarded the local contract to maintain the Navy bases in Jacksonville, Everett and Rodney made a commitment to remain a locally owned and operated company which afforded them the opportunity of becoming Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) designated and bidding on contracts with such companies as JEA, JTA, Toyota, Duval County School Board and several different departments of the City of Jacksonville.


J & D Maintenance and Services has since built its self into one of the most well-known and respected companies in the community. J & D currently have contracts with the City, Local Authorities, and some large local companies. This is all due to the owners making a conscious effort to build capital for bonding and committing themselves to the success of the company. J & D successfully graduated out of the JSEB program and continues to bid and be awarded contracts that require JSEB participation. Not forgetting where the game from, J & D developed a mentoring program for small companies that offer assistance and help with understanding various administrative functions of the business to help them become JSEB and be as successful as possible. J & D key points to success are establishing a good working relationship with customers and giving them acceptable work time. 


J & D not only provide assistance to small businesses but maintain every effort to stay committed to the community through programs that help citizens in need of a second chance. the company partners with BRIDGES and Dinsmore Work Release program, to provide jobs for people in these programs to successfully enter back into society. additionally, J & D is actively engaged in the Mayors Disadvantage Youth program which provides an opportunity to teach young people the value of a good work ethic and responsibility.

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